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LED Curtain Lights or Rope lights?

Jan 22


LED Curtain Lights vs. LED Rope Lights

Both led curtain lights and rope lights are LED products that can be used for decorative purposes. They both come in many different colours, shapes, sizes and wire lengths; which allows customers to use them virtually anywhere. The main difference between the two is that led curtain lights are 'curtain' shaped, this allows them to be used as a decoration on walls or ceilings. They can also be used in doorways with their low profile design. Rope lights are round in shape and have two wires for power which must be connected at both ends of the outdoor rope light before use.


LED Curtain Lights are housed in a flexible tube that can be adapted to different shapes for decorative purposes. The flexibility of the tube allows it to be wrapped around objects or drilled into walls to create interesting effects.  LED rope lights, on the other hand, are more permanent fixtures and plugged directly into an electrical power source.


LED Curtain Lights have a low profile design that gives it the ability to be used on walls or ceilings. The round shape of rope lights is not suited for these uses; they are more suitable for indirect lighting. LED Curtain Lights can also be cut at certain intervals along its length which enables the user to customise different lengths of lamps without any extra effort or cost involved. Rope lights are sold in pre-cut metre lengths making it more difficult to adapt the length of the rope light.


Rope lights can be used as an effective barrier light. This means that they can be placed on stage floors, inside cabinets or even under counters to provide backlighting effects for products or objects. LED Curtain Lights are not efficient as barrier lights. Since they are housed in a flexible tube, it would be difficult to place them flat on the ground without curling or bending them. This would not create an even light distribution across its entire length and reduce its effectiveness as a backlighting tool.


Rope lights have been used for many years as decoration tools because of their attractive and colourful light effects. LED Curtain Lights are relatively new to the market and have only been introduced in recent years. There is still a lack of awareness about its uses and benefits compared to its traditional counterpart.


The flexibility that led curtain lights offers can be applied to many different types of projects, whereas the round shape of rope lights limits its area of use. Rope lights are also more expensive than led curtain lights due to the smaller manufacturing scale and cost involved in production processes.