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NYC Male Strippers Exotique Men Return Post-Omicron

Feb 6

Covid vaccines are still available, however male strip shows will continue in post-Omicron. Omicron shut down most of New York City but the city has now bounced back. Mayor Adams has announced his new stance on crime and will make sure that New York City remains safe for bachelorette parties and celebrations. However the new Manhattan District Attorney has made it difficult by taking a softer stance on crime.

Male Strip shows continue to run in New York City. Exotique Men is one of the major male strip clubs in NYC that offers a fun experience for bachelorette parties. They following the state’s vaccine mandate. There has been pause on bachelorette parties since Covid and Omicron. But now that there are signs that the virus is subsiding, weddings and bachelorette parties are returning to NYC.

As Omicron continues to subside in the city, it is shown that the number of coronavirus cases are declining. In addition, there has been an upsell in tickets to male revues and male strip shows. A representative states, “We believe that many people are tired of staying at home and want to return to normal. Girls want to go out and get married and celebrate their bachelorette parties without worrying about getting sick. The male strippers can’t wait to return and perform on stage. Everybody is missing out on the old times.”

Male revue shows continue to be a popular hit for bachelorette parties. Ever since Magic Mike came out in theaters, there has been a growing trend and acceptance of male strip clubs and exotic dancers. Exotique Men hopes that 2022 will be a good year for bachelorette parties and male strippers.