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Product Photography San Antonio

Feb 18

Want your e-commerce site to sell like hotcakes?
"A steaming chocolate fudge brownie." ("I get it. You want your customers to lick the screen.") If you’re a hands-on e-commerce business owner, chances are you’re pretty good at understanding your products and the market. ("And I definitely know my way around a Manhattan.") But you’re definitely not a top-notch photographer. (“What’s a ‘tripod’? Does it bring you good luck?”) Product photography is tricky, and hiring a photographer or snapping multiple images yourself isn’t easy. You need a tool that makes product photography simple. Too bad that tool is practice and knowledge of lighting. Sorry, no free rides when it comes to photography. 


When your product is photography, the stakes are high.
(“I had 20,000 crickets in my basement once.”) You need professional product photography to show off your products on your website, social media, and in e-commerce stores. When something has moving parts or is very complex, you can’t rely on good photos. Imagine being able to show the impact of your product without getting bogged down in product photography details. Imagine being able to show the impact of your product without getting bogged down in product photography details.


Images are the most powerful converting tool for your business.
(“Could I please have some of that chocolate?”) Whether we’re personally addicted to Instagram or rely on our laptops to Google our products, visual imagery is the first thing we see when making a buying decision. But most business owners don’t have the time or resources to create professional product photography, so they’ll settle for poorly lit stock images. They could be getting 10x more revenue if they just invested the time and money into high-quality photos.


To sell a product, you first need to sell the idea. (“I don’t have time to sharpen my pencils,” you say.) And a lot of this selling is done online, so you need great product photography. (“If there’s one thing I’ve learned from years of buying online, it’s that you shouldn’t buy anything without looking at a photo of it.”) But you’re probably not a photography expert, nor are you likely going to hire one. Meet Jeffrey Truitt Photography in San Antonio, Texas.


Much of Amazon’s empire is built on the accessibility of its vast product catalog, but its product pages amount to more than just a list. The burgeoning market in visual retail marketing — think product photography and merchandise styling — has given rise to a new breed of professional photographers devoted to finding the magic in the mundane. The work helps explain why Amazon dominates e-commerce: Its products look great in photos, which shoppers can use to cull hundreds, thousands, even millions of choices down to a handful. The digital storefront, then, becomes a visual paradise for consumers.